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Natural shampoo for the removal of Head Lice and their Nits

Natural shampoo for the removal of Head Lice and their Nits

Lice shampoo with coconut oil for the effective removal of lice and their nits from human hair. Medical device product in a packaging which contains detailed directions of use and a comb.

€ 14.90

The quick action of the Lice Removal Shampoo Fleriana is due to a natural blend of coconut oil which plug the breathing holes of the lice and the pores of the cocoon of the nits. The parasites die safely from suffocation and dehydration. Therefore the lice cannot develop resistance against the action of these natural ingredients compared to that of chemical agents.

  • removes haid lice and their laid eggs (nits)
  • prevents nits from multiplying offering long-term treatment
  • suitable for adults and children older than 3 months
  • suitable during pregnancy or breast-feeding

Did you know...

The cause of head lice infestations (pediculosis) is not related to personal hygiene. Lice can also live and reproduce in clean, well-groomed hair. One reason for lice infestation is lack of knowledge about the chances of catching lice and them reproducing. Another reason is not knowing how to combat these parasites. Head lice are spread by human contact, wherever many people gather, when people share combs, brushes and other items such as hats, etc. or clothes. Head lice live on the human scalp. They are most often found around the temples, ears and nape of the neck where the temperature and humidity are ideal for them to deposit their eggs. Although head lice feed only on human blood, they are not known to spread any microbial disease. The only concern that pediculosis raises for human health is related to secondary bacterial infections as a result of intense itching in the infested area.

Did you know...

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