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A unique feeling of euphoria and rejuvenation in your living space!

For many years aromatherapy uses natural, aromatic essential oils that enhance both physical and mental health. This kind of therapy helps to reduce stress, improves the mood and increases energy levels.

Discover all products of the FLERIANA AROMATHERAPY range and dive into a transcendent experience of euphoria, full of unique fragrances that emit a sensation of freshness and cleanliness!

The range consists of products that encapsulate a valuable blend of specially selected fragrances without allergens that offer wellness and relaxation from stress.

Enjoy a unique aromatic experience that leads your senses to a wonderful journey of relaxation and rejuvenation…

TOP: Ocean Breeze, Ylang-Ylang

MIDDLE: Rose Petals, Caramel

BACK: Pure Musk, White woods

A unique feeling of euphoria and rejuvenation in your living space

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Parfum (Fragrance).

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice. It may cause allergic reaction in case it comes in contact with skin.

Free from Allergens


100ml / 8 wicking reeds

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